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"Complete" Clarifying Process




What Goes In, Doesn’t Come Out.

Our aerobic treatment system is constantly at work throughout the day thanks to a combination of air injected dissolved oxygen and millions of hungry little aerobic microbes. Somewhat like a large school of fish feeding on plankton, these microbes endlessly digest and convert organic wastewater into an environmentally friendly, inorganic solution. A solution which when released, either as gas or as liquid, is 98.8% cleaner than when it entered the system.


The Diner That Never Closes.


Fueled by the continuous flow of dissolved oxygen via our AK Fine Bubble Air Injector, hungry microorganisms within our aeration chamber actually form a swirling microbial swarm. As a result, organic matter within the chamber never settles. It always remains suspended, allowing the microbes to attack waste particles from all sides.


Rinse and Repeat.


As the microbes dine on the organic matter in the aeration chamber, processed particulate naturally works its way beneath the baffle wall and into our clarifying chamber. Once in the clarifying chamber, the particulate remains suspended in the water as floatable or settleable waste. The settelable waste immediately begins descending to the floor where it is drawn back into the aeration tank for further processing. Slowly, the floatables begin to rise to the surface as fine particles which are skimmed and reintroduced into the aeration tank each night. All the remains is AquaKlear’s clarified pristine affluent which slowly discharges as water is introduced into the system, such as with toilet flushing.


Midnight Microbial Snack.


As effective as the system is by day, the peak of action occurs each night at midnight. That’s when the intelligence of AquaKlear’s intelligent dual port processor kicks in.


For fifteen minutes, our smart compressor diverts air from the aeration chamber’s bubble injector to our simple, yet ingeniously designed AK Skimmer, located in the clarification chamber which produces a subtle skimming action across the water’s surface. In turn, any floatable waste inside the clarifying chamber is drawn through the skimmer and returned to our aeration tank for further processing. Once finished with the skimming stage, the compressor resumes forcing dissolved oxygen through our fine bubble air injector, revitalizing the microbes and once again kicking off one of nature’s tiniest feeding frenzies within the aeration chamber.


It is truly a never ending cycle of breaking down wastewater into a pollution-free state which when released, either as on odorless gas or effluent liquid, exceeds NSF/ANSI Standard 40 for class 1 systems.


A Completely New Standard of Excellence.


In fact, our patented AK Skimmer and AquaKlear clarification concept is so reliable and remarkable effective it has actually come to define a new category of wastewater processing within the wastewater treatment industry – the “complete” wastewater treatment process. It’s a superior process of wastewater treatment; conceived, developed, and patented by the innovative minds of AquaKlear. And, for wastewater treatment systems, there’s nothing more environmentally or maintenance friendly.