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How do I know what size treatment plant I should buy?


State regulations specify the size treatment system you will need. It is usually based upon the number of bedrooms in your home. Common state requirements are 150 gallons treatment capacity per bedroom. Most manufacturers would supply a 500 gallon per day treatment plant for a three bedroom home.



Should I expect odors from my treatment plant?


If your treatment plant is working properly and the blower is running according to the manufacturers directions, you should not have any noticeable odors coming from your unit. If you detect a sour or “rotten egg” smell, you should contact your installer immediately. This may be an indication of a blower malfunction or dead or unhealthy microorganism population.



Can I use a garbage disposal with my treatment system?


With any on-site sewage treatment system, it is not wise to use an in-sink garbage d disposal. Use of these appliances puts un-treatable wastes into the system and causes the frequency of pumping of the tanks to dramatically increase.



Can I put the discharge from my water-softening system into my treatment plant?


The discharge from a water-softening system should never to put into a sewage treatment system.



What should not be flushed?


Please click here for a list of items to avoid.



Can I install the sewage treatment plant myself?


On-site sewage treatment plants must be installed by installers certified by the manufacturer and licensed by the local health agency in your area.



What can I do with my treated sewage?


How the treated sewage is discharged depends on local and state regulations and the specific physical conditions of your homestead. Disposal options may include:
Direct discharge to the surface
Drain field
Mound system
Overland flow
Click on our Engineering tab to learn more.



Do I need to disinfect the treated sewage?


State and local regulations may require you to disinfect the treated sewage prior to discharge. Disinfection is usually required when the treated sewage is to be discharged into or near sensitive waters or sensitive environmental conditions. Click on our Systems & Components tab to see our disinfection products.



Is the blower noisy?


AquaKlear compressors/blowers are extremely quiet and vibration-free. They can be placed directly outside or beneath any windows in the house without the homeowner even knowing that it is running!



How often do I need to pump out the tank?


This is dependant upon the personal habits of the homeowner and whether or not your treatment system has a pre-treatment tank. A good estimate is once every 5 years.



If you have any other questions or are interested in Large Capacity Sewage Treatment Systems, please contact us.