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Welcome to AquaKlear, Inc., an innovative manufacturer and supplier of wastewater treatment systems. Our home sewage treatment systems aren’t your everyday septic tank. Utilizing our patented clarifying trio and more compact all-in-one design it treats household wastewaters and releases it at a rate that is 98.8% cleaner than when it entered the system while leaving it odorless.

Traditional wastewater treatment products like septic tanks or septic systems take longer to rebound, or return to maximum operating conditions, after a heavy use such as a day of cleaning, a party, or a constant use in a short period of time. Our home sewage treatment system uses a small bubble air diffuser to greatly enhance the recovery growth of the microorganisms in the system.

Septic system repairs can be messy and costly. AquaKlear’s home sewage treatment operating system uses an all-aerobic process using no internal moving parts. This allows for easy access making installation or routine maintenance fast and painless. The access points are above ground or on ground level compared to septic tanks, which are accessed from below ground.

These home sewage treatment systems are smaller and more compact than other septic system in addition to being offered in both fiberglass and concrete options. Making them a perfect fit for homes located on small or larger lots and in a wide range of environmental conditions.